Frederick A Fendel, III


A seasoned veteran of water law, Frederick Fendel, III continues to successfully guide his clients through Colorado’s water rights legal process. For nearly four decades, Rick has combined his extensive intimate knowledge of the system with a hard-nosed practical understanding of real-world context.

Primarily focused on water-rights transactions and litigation, Rick specializes in water policy matters and water rights, including planning and acquisition of water supplies, changes of water rights, augmentation plans, ground water rights, protection of water rights, water quality regulation, dealing with local government, trials and appeals.

Among clients facing anything from a complex water issue to a simple well permit issue, Rick has a well-established reputation for cutting through the red tape and getting things done. His proven ability for developing unique, cost-effective, out-of-the-box solutions to intricate, highly challenging water issue negotiations is clearly the reason why both government and private entities contact Rick as a matter of course for their water-related legal matters.

“Water law can be intimidating. It’s not intuitive, though it has its own logic. We’ll cut through the jargon, explain what we’re doing and why in plain English. We will simplify where we can. We cannot always eliminate the complexity, but we can guide you through it and we’ll make it understandable.”

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